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Corporate Matching

Magnify your tax-deductible donation to the IMPA Boosters by requesting corporate matching gift, if eligible.


Corporate Matching Gifts for Financial Contributions

Many employers offer a corporate matching gift program. The principle is the same for all matching gift programs: when you make a financial contribution to a qualified organization, the corporation will match your gift with additional money. Some programs match 100% (e.g. you give $500, and the corporation matches with another $500) while others match 50% or other amounts. Some programs have requirements on the organizations, but most require the donation to be tax-deductible gift to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit group. Please check with your employer to find out the requirements to get your gift to IMPA Boosters matched!

If your employer uses Benevity to manage its matching gift program, please note that there are several Mountain View High School groups in the database! Please designate “Mountain View High School Instrumental Music Parents Association” so that the IMPA Boosters receive your matching gift.

Gifts to the MVHS Instrumental Music Parents Association (IMPA) are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. The Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 77-0014463.


Dollars for Doers: Corporate Matching Gifts for Volunteer Hours

Some corporations have an additional, separate matching program where they will donate money to qualified nonprofit groups based on the number of hours the corporation’s employees have volunteered with that group. Again, please check with your employer on requirements and how to request matches on your hours. Typically, the match is based on the cumulative hours volunteered by all employees (e.g. Person A volunteers 2 hours, Person B volunteers 10 hours, Person C volunteers 8 hours—the IMPA Boosters get a matching gift based on 20 volunteer hours). You will need to correctly designate the Mountain View High School Instrumental Music Parents Association as the recipient when you report your volunteer hours (sometimes our name is incorrect in the database, so please ask for help if you’re not sure which one to pick).

Some participating corporations include:

Intel:  matches $10 per volunteer hour (once 20 hours are reached)

Google: matches every 5 volunteer hours with $50

Apple:  matches $25 for every volunteer hour

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