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IMPA Board and Officers

Proposed IMPA Board


These are the nominees for officers and Executive Board members of the MVHS Instrumental Music Parents Association (Boosters) for the School Year 2023-2024. Interested in joining or nominating someone? Email Lara Vastano.


Executive Board


These are the officers of the Executive Board of the MVHS Music Boosters for the School Year 2022-2023.

An * denotes an elected position.


Job Descriptions


The President is the chief administrative officer of IMPA, and supervises the business of the association. He/she presides at all meetings of the Steering Committee and the general membership. 

Vice President of Operations

The VP shall assume all responsibilities of the President in his/her absence, and shall perform all other duties as may delegated by the President. The VP of Operations shall oversee and coordinate activities of the various committees of the Steering Committee.



The Secretary records the minutes of all meetings of the Steering Committee and the general membership.



The Treasurer is responsible for the official finances of the association, and keeps permanent books of account and records to show the gross income, receipts, and disbursements of the association. He/she receives all monies for the association and deposits them into the IMPA bank account, pays all bills, reports to the membership on expenditures versus budget, and presents a statement of account at IMPA meetings. He/she files all tax reurns and financial forms, helps develop the annual budget and makes an annual financial report to the association. 


Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary is responsible for receiving all payments and logging them and making sure they are deposited into the bank. These include funds from Checks, Square, PayPal and matching organizations.

The Financial Secretary works closely with the Treasurer to cover any additional financials tasks, as needed.



The Auditor annually audits the books and financial records of the association, and submits a written report by the September meeting. He/she audits the books upon the end-of-term or resignation of the Treasurer, and at any time deemed necessary.

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