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Band competitions 2023

2023 Competition Schedule

Oct. 21   Gilroy High School

Oct. 28   Community Thank You

Nov. 4     Independence High School

Nov. 11   WBA Regional Championships   

               at Logan High School

Time to Pack

Your Competition Bag!

Questions? See your section leader.

How to Put On and Take Off

Your Uniform

Reminders to Parents From the Uniform Leads

  • The purpose of having your kids bring a towel to competition is to keep their dress socks and uniform clean, so remind your kids to stay on their towels--and be sure to wash the towels between competitions.

  • Please label everything!  There have been towels, hairbrushes, a makeup bag and other items left behind.

  • Marching shoes and gloves should go back home with students, not in the garment bags with the uniforms (so uniforms won't smell like sweaty teens). 

  • Extra hands during changing pre- and post-competition are welcome. Please don't hesitate to show up, even at the last minute!

Survival Tips for Parents

It means a lot to the kids to have their parents watch the band competition, help out behind the scenes,  donate items and mingle with other Marching Band families. Here's how to enhance the experience.


Have the travel bag ready

Encourage your marcher to get the competition bag ready early.

Bring a lunch--and make it the night before!

There is a rehearsal the morning of competitions, and  students will need to bring their own lunches. Try to get them to make their lunch and pack everything the night before.


Don't forget water!

Plan to arrive very early.

There will be a lot of traffic around competition sites, and parking will be some distance from the stadium. (There are usually drop-off areas for people who can't walk long distances.) And note: There may be a parking fee.

Get your tickets, and check the schedule as soon as you arrive.

There is a small chance tickets may sell out. There is a chance the schedule has changed (bands drop out, don't show up or switch slots). If you get your hand stamped, you can leave and return as much as you wish.

Stop by the Parents Table.

Look for the semi with the big black and gold Spartan logo on the side. Located in the MVHS MB zone, the table has the latest news, coffee, water and snacks.

Plan ahead for comfort.

Wear comfortable shoes (you will be walking a lot). Prepare for heat, cold and rain--often in the same day! Be kind to your rear end (but remember, the benches are narrow and close together). A blanket or small cushion works well, as do clamp-on style stadium seats (you can purchase a personalized MVHS seat from the Sports Boosters store.

Bring a small folding chair to use at the Parent Welcome Table and the MVHS zone. You can leave it in the zone during the competition and pick it up on your way out.


Feel free to bring your dinner (dinner is provided for  the band and color guard). There is usually food for sale.

Get to know everyone.

Look for other MVHS parents wearing show shirts or other black and gold attire, and join them! Introduce yourself to other MVHS parents if you see them in the stands, or hanging out by the truck.  Grab a name tag at the Parent Table! Plan to eat dinner together.

Take pictures!

Instrumental Music has  tradition of taking and sharing photos. A link to share photos will be sent after each competition.

Try to take photos of the whole band or candids of other marchers--not just your student.


Please be mindful and refrain from capturing private moments.

Have fun!

At many competitions, you can purchase a “shout out” read by the announcer while the bands set up. 


The season is a bit intense but a lot of fun. 


Enjoy every minute! It will be over before you know it. 

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