Fall 2021 Uniform prep

Parents Needed to Prep Uniforms

Here's one last volunteer task request to make sure the band will be ready to look great when the season starts again next fall:


Help wash, prep and collect uniforms.

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Pick Up

3:30-5:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 29

  • Come to the marching band shed (behind Packard Hall) to pick up a few bags of uniform items to wash.

  • For each bag of jackets, pick up 10 hangers.

  • For each bag of pants, pick up 15 hangers.

Prep for Pants

  • Close zipper all the way.

  • Turn pants inside out.

  • If hem is snapped, unsnap and release to full length.

  • If there is any gaffer’s tape still on the pants, remove it.

  • Divide the bag of pants (should be 15 pairs) into a maximum of 5 items per load; don’t mix pants and jackets).

Prep for Jackets

  • Close zipper all the way.

  • Leave jacket right side out.

  • If cuffs are snapped, unsnap and release to full length.

  • Divide the bag of jackets (should be 10) into a maximum of 5 items per load; don’t mix pants and jackets.

Prep for Butt-Capes

  • Remove any safety pins.

Washing Instructions

  • Wash a maximum of 5 uniform items with no other laundry items. (If you have a small machine, wash no more than half a normal full load.)

  • Do not mix pants and jackets.

  • Use cold water wash and rinse cycle.

  • Use only unscented detergent such as Tide Free & Gentle, All Free & Clear and Arm & Hammer Free & Clear.

  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener or detergent with any other enhancements, such as Oxy power.

  • Wash on delicate or gentle wash cycle with minimal or no agitation (depending on your machine).

  • Remove from washing machine immediately

Drying Instructions

  • If necessary, machine dry on low heat or delicate for a maximum of 5 minutes.

  • For pants and jackets: hang to dry in a well-ventilated location until they are completely dry.

  • For guantlets: open velcro and lie flat to dry.

  • For butt-capes: use low iron to press pleats being careful to avoid the silver trim (it will melt).

  • Keep away from pet hair, smoke, or any other potential allergens.


  • There will be empty racks set up in Packard Hall for the returns.

  • You can also return uniforms to the shed (date and time TBD).

  • Questions? Want to arrange a specific return time? Email Kathy Thompson or Robyn Shalinsky.  


Do you have questions? Would you like to arrange a specific return time?


Email Kathy Thompson, Karen Chi or Robyn Shalinsky.