[MVHS] Some More Thoughts...

February 16th, 2018

To All Spartan Instrumental Music Families and Friends,


I just put Logan down for bed. Tonight's hug was longer than usual. Many of you would pay good money to be able to go to bed by 8:30pm. Logan has to - he's only four. Lots of sleep is good for kids. He has no reason to stay up thinking about current events. The worst part of his day was not getting to pop enough bubbles during his 'dance party' at preschool. I bet many of you would pay good money to simply pop bubbles at a dance party...


By now you've probably received your monthly "Wellness Update" email from MVLA Communications. In case you missed it, tucked away following two quick sentences about the importance of healthy sleep habits there is a link to an article about helping teens cope with tragic events. 


Teachers need to cope, too. Some of us do that by sending lengthy emails...


My parents never received "Wellness Updates" when I was in High School. Of course, when I was in High School, I didn't have a News Feed constantly updating in my pocket and I probably didn't know what CNN or Fox News was all about (my family didn't have Cable back then). When something bad/sad/tragic/catastrophic happened, we talked about it. The Challenger exploding, the Loma Prieta Earthquake, Desert Storm, Princess Diana's death (I was the one to break that news to my mom, oh heavens were there tears), just to name a few.


A month before I graduated, Columbine happened. This certainly wasn't the first school shooting, and unfortunately wouldn't be the last.


Some of our 'veteran' parents may recall reading a similar email nearly six years ago. Just like tonight, I felt compelled to share my thoughts on another instance of unnecessary violence. That was 31-year-old, pre-kiddo Jason. Perspectives have shifted since then.


As I was driving to school on Thursday morning, a large Ford Excursion merged in front of me on the freeway that had a 'Protected by AR-15' decal on his back window. "Well that's good to know," I said out loud. My next thought was about Wind Ensemble since I hadn't seen them the day before. At the end of rehearsal, we engaged in a brief conversation about safety and how it's their Directors' job to create and maintain a comforting and welcoming environment for our Music Students. After all, we can't expect them to give their musical and emotional selves on a regular basis if their basic needs aren't being met. 


Today, Anna and I got to check in with the rest of our ensembles and lend some of our personal perspectives on the recent tragedy in Parkland. With the ever-shrinking world we live in, 3,000 miles now seems like it's right next door. Some students talked, most just listened. There were a few tears and a lot of contemplative silence.


The best part was that, just for a few moments, we all simply existed together.


Please enjoy this well-deserved break. For all of our families that are traveling, please be safe. For everyone staying at home, please be safe.


Remember that hugs are free.


Much Love,