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Marching Band and Guard Attire Guide

Mountain View High School Marching Band Proper Attire

Musicians Performance Attire
  • marching band uniform 

  • black gloves (available for purchase at fitting)

  • black crew-length, medium weight, dress socks

  • non cotton wicking t shirt

  • compression shorts

  • marching shoes(available for purchase at fittings)

Color Guard Performance Attire
  • it changes each year with the field show and will be given further instruction


Travel Uniform (to be worn when going to competitions)
  • travel jacket (pictured below)

  • travel shirt (pictured below)

  • black pants (not yoga or jeans)

  • black crew-length, medium weight, over the calf dress socks

  • black tennis shoes

  • band jacket (pictured below)

Travel Shirt (available for purchase)

Students will try out their size and place an order during uniform fittings. Marchers will wear this with black dress pants (not jeans or yoga pants), black over the calf socks, and black tennis shoes when they travel to shows.

Show T-Shirt (available for purchase)

This show T shirt below was provided at band camp and is for the students to keep.
Parents and band supporters can also purchase them for $15. (Order through Charms, or at Taco Night or Community Thank You).

Non Cotton Wicking Tshirt (student must purchase on own)

Non Cotton Wicking Tshirt that marchers need to wear under their marching uniform. They can be found at Target or any sporting goods stores. Marchers will change into this kind of shirt at the show site. 

Travel Jacket (no fee, unless lost)

Travel jacket which will be provided to the students during uniform fittings. Marchers can wear this at anytime during the band season. They are to wash and return then on the last day of band.

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