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Jazz Band Auditions

Anyone interested in auditioning for either of our 2017-2018 Jazz Bands should follow these steps
  • Download the PDF Parts for ‘A New Standard’ and ‘Red Top’ - there is a reference MP3 for Standard, and Red Top can be listened to HERE or the video below

  • Print the appropriate parts (for the instrument you’d like to audition for)

  • Specific auditions may be required for 1st Trumpet, Bass Trombone, and Rhythm

  • Saxes, due to historically high interest, parts may be redistributed based on the needs of the ensemble (it would also be in your best interest to learn your doubles - Flute & Clarinet)

Auditions will take place in Packard Hall on Wednesday morning, November 15th, at 7:00am
  • Be prepared to play the part(s) you’ve been practicing, alone and/or with full/soli (all saxes, all brass, etc) ensembles

  • (Optional) Be prepared to provide an improvised solo - between both charts there are Solo opportunities for each instrument (not each individual part).

  • Results should be posted by Wednesday afternoon

The first rehearsal will be on Friday morning (11/17) at 7:15am


Reminder: You will need an open Zero Period to participate in either Jazz Band (no need to enroll in the courses yourselves).

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