Instrumental Music performs holiday concerts, raises funds for the department and needy people in the community and enjoys the holidays.

Deadline Dec. 16

IMPA's MV Cares Basket:

How You Can Help

The IMPA is helping to put together an MV Cares Basket for a family of four. Mom, Dad and their two daughters, 16 and 6 years old, have recently moved here from Mexico and need warm clothing and essentials. 

Please use the Amazon Wish List to purchase items for this family, which will be mailed to Gina Estrada's house, and delivered to the family Dec. 17.

If you want to buy an item locally, let IMPA President Lara Vastano or Vice President Gina Estrada know which item it is, so they can mark it as purchased.

Amazon Wish List

Be sure to use the FILTER to view all the items that have yet to be purchased.


Email Gina or Lara.

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