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graduation performance

What You Need to Know

for the Graduation Performance

5:30 p.m.: Call Time in Packard Hall

Ceremony End: Cleanup

What to Bring

  • Sunscreen

  • Water

  • Jacket / Sweater

  • Clothes Pins

Tutorial Rehearsals

Wednesday, May 31

Friday, June 2

Tell Jo or Ricky as soon as possible if you must skip a rehearsal for an urgent matter.

What to Wear

All-black attire is not required.


Do wear: Skirts, dresses or dress pants and a dress shirt


Do not wear: T-shirts, sweatpants, jeans, shorts, flip flops or sneakers


You will be on turf, so spiked heels are  not recommended.


Transportation: Parking is tight, so you are encouraged to carpool, walk or ride a bike.


Who may attend: Tickets are not required, so family may stay to watch.


At the end of the ceremony, all of the music chairs, stands, and percussion equipment needs to be taken back to Packard.


Please help rack and stack the chairs and stands along with pushing everything back to Packard.

Music Return

At the end of the performance, pass your music into your section leaders.


Leaders: Sort your music by part and have them all face the same way (eg. Pomp and Circumstance facing up).


Music will be collected as a whole in Packard.


Folders: Folders should be empty. Return them to the folder cabinets.

Instrument Return

At the end of the ceremony, all Instrumental Music students will return to Packard Hall to return their music and folders. Any student using a school instrument must stay behind to turn their instrument.


Your instruments will be inspected, and paperwork will be filled out.


No student may leave without completing this important check-out process!


If you are sick on the day of Graduation and unable to attend, you must arrange for your instrument to be turned in by somebody else on June 8.


You are graduating! You don't play in the ceremony, but you do need to turn in your instrument, music and folders. That will take place in class Thursday and Friday, June 1-2 (your final days with Instrumental Music).


If you are absent, you must make arrangements to go through the whole process before June 8.


Student and parent volunteers are needed to help with Instrument Return.


Want to volunteer? Email Ricky or Jo.

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