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Enjoy Performances from our Band and Orchestra classes!

This gallery contains Virtual Ensemble Performances and a gallery of Wind Ensemble's "20% Projects" from the 2019-2020 school year

Georgia on my mind

Performed by the MVHS Jazz Ensemble

Galop!  by Brian Balmages

Performed by the MVHS Chamber Orchestra

Audio-only productions

by Various Wind Ensemble Musicians

The Ballad of unknown warlac

by Matt Tuliao, Robert Stanley, Tyler Doan

Sick Song

by Kenneth Pan

2020 Overture

by Mingkuan Yan

Harp Safety Device

by Katherine Healzer

Visual Representation of Barnes 3

by Angela Estell and Erin Alexander (Full Screen for best effect)

Kerry dance compilation

by Emma Paradise and Gem Gutierrez

6 Feet of Space

by Indu Danturti, Abigail Loh, Holly Ishiro-Randall, Ariana Rich

Animal Crossing - New Horizons Theme

by Alex Green

Bach Double, mvt 3

by Justin Kong, Annabelle Lo, Ghea Chow

Custom Reed Cases

by Stephanie Evanson


The road to high school band

by Rebecca Kong (Link will open a new window)



by Sam Parker


by Ellie Montgomery

Avatar Audio Drama

by Samantha Eng and Shannon Mills

In Spite Of

by Maddie & Peter Cheng

Hey there delilah

by Olivia Wall, Ian Henry

Wind ensemble hit list

by Abby Jensen, Claire Bellew, Emma Six, Ben Smith

Chrome Music Lab Experiment

by Joe Coleman

Haven't met you yet

by Carson Trail

LEGOVERTURE in a minor

by Logan & Jason Kneebone

Colors of the spirits

by Allison Kuan, ft. Marcos Saenz

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