Audition information for the 2020-2021 season

Musicians, thank you for your interest in auditioning for one of our advanced-level ensembles!


*NEW* All incoming 9th-Grade String players will be placed into 'String Orchestra' and all incoming Band musicians will be automatically enrolled in a brand new 'Concert Band' ensemble which is reserved just for Freshmen. All 9th-Grade auditions will be postponed until the beginning of the semester.

These instructions are for *current* MVHS Band & Orchestra students. We will be listening to your Video Audition Submissions through the end of the month. All audition material referenced below can be found HERE.


Be sure you're enrolled in the "Audition Resource" Google Classroom - Submissions are due on FRIDAY, APRIL 24th by Midnight



  1. While you should know all twelve major scales, please perform one octave of the following: Concert E-Flat Major, and Concert B Major. Bass and Treble Clef scale sheets are in the audition material folder.

  2. Two prepared excerpts of varying styles (student's choice - recommendation: fast & technical vs. slow & melodic), no more than 90 seconds each. Examples of appropriate excerpts can be found HERE.



  1. While you should know all twelve major scales, please perform two octaves of the following: Concert A-Flat Major, and Concert F# Major along with one 3-octave scale of your choosing. An example of the scale pattern is in the audition material folder.

  2. Prepared excerpts for each instrument are in the audition material folder - please note tempos - Both excerpts required. Reference Recording can be found HERE.

A copy of the rubric that will be used can be reviewed HERE.


Let us know if there are any further questions. Thank you!

-Jason & Anna

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